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Skinn Pro

Skin & Blend-shape Projection + More · By cwmanley


Recent updates

Skinn 0.71 Released
***Skinn 0.71*** //Known Issues After 2019.3.1 there is a bug on some Macs with Skinn's compute shaders. //Fixes !!!Combining Skinned Meshes with blend-shapes...
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Cutscene Artist / Skinn Tutorials
wetcircuit made some really great video tutorials for skinn. The fixes in 0.7 should help with some of the issues in the video(s). Check out Cutscene Artist's c...
Skinn 0.7 Released
____________________________________________________________________________ ***Installation*** ________________________________________________________________...
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Skinn 0.61 Released
Remove previous installation before installing !!! Model Import Settings; Read Write Enable = true, Mesh Compression = Off, Keep Quads = false !!! A platform...
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Skinn 0.6 Released
0.6 is total redesign to improve speed and quality across the board...
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Request features or commands here and I will do my best to add them.
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